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Ep 57 - Google Drive

Paul Rand: Cometary tails are the usual signatures of non-gravitational acceleration, caused by the pressure of solar radiation, or gas or particles, that is driven out as an object warms up, as it gets closer to the Sun.

Ep 57 - Google Drive


Urich stars as private detective Dan Tanna, who drives to his detective assignments around the streets of Las Vegas in a red 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible. (The red T-Bird replaced a 1967 yellow Chevrolet Corvette that was used in the pilot episode, a car which ended up being 'destroyed' by fire.)[1] Working for a wide variety of Las Vegas clients, the detective work included locating missing persons, helping solve various Las Vegas crimes, solving casino chip and money scams, and making Las Vegas a safer place for residents and tourists alike. Dan Tanna makes a point of not accepting divorce cases, or working as a bodyguard. Being in Las Vegas, Tanna sometimes gets hired to work for a variety of well known celebrity clients, who have issues regarding their personal safety, and need help solving personal issues, and threats against them.

OLD T.V. CLIPS: Industrial monument to the miracle drug. These invaluable products of microorganisms have been responsible for saving millions of human lives. Pioneers in a struggle which promises now to drive back that ancient enemy, disease.

Operating commercial vehicles, commercial Class C vehicles, noncommercial Class A and Class B vehicles, fire vehicles and equipment, and vehicles hauling HAM is more physically and mentally demanding than operating other types of vehicles, which creates an increased risk to public safety. Additionally, challenging driving conditions make it difficult for drivers to adequately provide for any special medical, diet, exercise, or rest needs associated with a medical condition or physical impairment.

For these reasons, CDLs are generally denied to drivers who do not meet the federal medical standards. However, in accordance with statute and court decisions, each case must be considered individually to determine if the driver compensates adequately for any medical condition or physical impairment and if any restrictions apply (see Exceptions and Review Process below).

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) establish the criteria to determine when a person is physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle (see 391.41 FMCSR). The following guidelines are provided as they apply to various medical conditions.

CVC 12804.9 requires that DMV determine whether the applicant is mentally and physically fit to operate a motor vehicle, and permits us to consider the standards required by federal regulations in establishing California medical requirements for commercial driver licenses. It also provides that any physical defect of the applicant which, in the opinion of DMV, is compensated for to ensure safe driving ability, will not prevent the issuance of the license. CVC 12809 authorizes DMV to refuse to issue a CDL to any person not meeting the medical requirements.

For 15 days after being issued a MEC (MCSA 5876), commercial drivers must have a copy of the MEC, signed by a health care professional, in their possession when operating any commercial motor vehicle. CCR 391.41(a)(2) After 15 days have passed, the driver no longer needs to carry it on their person. DMV is authorized to issue the Medical Certificate (form DL 51B), pursuant to CCR 28.19.

If the driver does not meet the medical standards or does not adequately compensate for a loss or impairment, the driver may be scheduled for a reexamination or issued an Order of Refusal. In certain instances, we may also issue the following outcomes:

DMV will conduct a drive test to determine whether the driver compensates for a condition that is waivable under federal standards (if the driver has not previously demonstrated compensation). If the driver compensates for the condition, DMV will issue a restricted license.

On original CDL applications, DMV may make rare exceptions to the medical requirements when the driver is able to demonstrate a history of adequate compensation. The commercial drive test will determine if the driver adequately compensates for any loss or impairment of a limb, vision, or hearing. If a CDL is issued, it will be restricted to driving intrastate only (within California), and without passengers or HazMat.

If the driver has been driving safely with the disqualifying medical condition, DMV may make exceptions from federal standards to allow the driver, when renewing a Class A or B license, to operate a commercial vehicle. However, the license must be restricted to driving intrastate only and without passengers or hazardous materials.

Occasionally a driver will contact DMV seeking a federal waiver or exemption. Such drivers may qualify for a federal waiver if they are employed driving in interstate commerce. The federal waiver and exemption program is designed to allow persons with specific conditions listed in FMCSR 391.41 to qualify under the FMCSR. Restrictions may be included on individual waivers when the Regional Federal Highway Administrator determines they are necessary for public safety.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is a cultural complex located in San Marino, 45-minutes to an hour southeast of central Los Angeles. Those with an interest in books or botany will find it well worth the drive.

Our radio station, CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto, is having its annualfall pledgedrive to raise money for great local radio. Justin asks foryour support and explains how you can help. Cool RFKgifts are available! If you can, please donate by Oct. 1. 041b061a72

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