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Western chaps come in two main types: full-length chaps and chinks, which go just below the knee or mid-calf. Both chaps and chinks increase grip in the saddle and provide protection from brush and the elements. Choosing between the two depends on the weather conditions and what you are going to be doing while wearing them. Regardless of the style you pick, South Texas Tack has the Western chinks and chaps you want at the best prices.

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Western chaps are a classically rugged combination of protection and style. With so many styles to choose from, knowing which kind to buy can be intimidating. Here's some information to help you pick the perfect pair.Western chinks are often preferred over full-length chaps in warmer climates and when you need to do a lot of work out of the saddle because they are long enough to protect your knees without getting in the way. The extra mobility chinks provide is especially helpful during brandings, working cows or tending calves.Full-length chaps provide more protection and are better in cold or wet weather. There are many styles, including work chaps, batwing chaps and shotgun chaps, each with a different profile. This variety will let you find the best type of Western chaps for your needs.Regardless of which you choose, be sure to take good care of your investment and give them a little chap wax every now and then to protect and condition the leather.

Whether you need quality rodeo chaps for competition season or comfortable cowboy chaps for ranch work, NRS has what you need. We know how important it is to have Western chaps that protect your legs while you're riding the range or roping a steer.

To be a true cowboy it is important to choose chaps that tell your style. Leather chaps are a must in western clothing, not only characterize the look but also perform a protective function. At Comancheros you can find many high quality chaps for sale: Western chaps, Reining chaps, Cutting chaps, Chinks chaps, Team Penning chaps, Armitas-Buckaroo chaps and Shot-Gun chaps and Bat-Wings chaps. Not forgetting mini-chaps, gaiters and riding leggings.

Now available - choice of 2 or 3 buckle leg closure, or choice of 2 or 3 snap & dee leg closure. You may also add the option of a snap and dee leg closure at calf level to help keep the chaps in a closed position

We make all of our batwing chaps with quality leather and quality workmanship. They are made with our own design which has a clean look and a great fit. We buy our leather from the best tanneries at the most competitive prices, helping to make our quality and price combination is hard to match. You can be assured that when you buy chaps from B Bar B that finding a better value will be a time consuming task.

Why batwing chaps? They are a full length pleasure or work chap. It is normally secured to the upper leg and is an "open" design which allows air circulation on the back side of the chaps. The batwing offers full length protection from trees, brush, and other elements. It is less restrictive than the shotgun chap but provides full length protection unlike the chink.Size adjustment: The backbelt is laced on in v-braid fashion and can be adjusted 2" larger. The backbelt can be adjusted smaller if extra holes are punched. The front belt is a buckle and strap that is also adjustable more than 2". The thigh size is also adjustable plus or minus 2 inches.

Available leather: Our inventory of chaps is made with a variety of "earthtone" colored leathers in the 4.5 to 6 ounce weight range. The earthtone leathers will vary in color and texture and will range from firmer to softer leather and oil-tan and non-oil tan. The chaps that are in-stock may be made from any range of the earthtone leathers that we have available at the time. The colors may not be the same exact leather or color as the batwings shown in the photos. We will list several leather preferences for you to request when ordering your chaps. If you make requests for color, weight, texture, and etc., we will try to accommodate your request but we may be limited by our current inventory of leathers.

Request photos: Photos of the exact chaps that are in-stock may be requested. Email or phone us with your leather preferences and we will email photos of the chaps in our inventory that most closely match your request. That way, you can see exactly what is available. We normally send them within a few minutes of your call if it is during normal business hours.

Order information: When you are looking at the details for the chaps, please review all the available photos. You will see that there is much helpful information available in the photos. There is a photo showing typical earthtone colors, a photo showing the exact dimensions, and a photo showing you how to measure so that you may select the proper size. If you just don't want to bother with all that information, just call us at 208-785-8963 and we will walk you through the selection process and make your ordering very easy.

CHAPS:Chaps are not designed to put on like a pair of pants. Therefore a good fit in the thigh helps get you a best fit. Measure your thigh mid way down your thigh, not your upper thigh or you might just order a size too big in the waist. Inseam: Technically chaps do not have an inseam since each person wears them differently. The lower you buckle the chaps the longer the inseam.

Since the width of most big-inch cruiser motorcycles is comparable to the width of a full-grown horse (no kidding!), it only made sense that some motorcycle riders (perhaps also horse riders themselves too) would eventually start wearing horse-riding chaps on motorcycles.

The difference between motorcycle chaps and cruiser pants? Motorcycle chaps only cover and shield (typically in leather fabric) the anatomy of the legs from the feet up to the top of the femur bone, while leaving the groin and buttocks uncovered and unprotected.

A peculiarity of motorcycle chaps that makes them so enticing to bikers (females and males alike) is that motorcycle chaps include leg-length zippers, which enable their putting on (and off) in mere seconds.

Therefore, a rider can put on his or her motorcycle chaps at home in seconds before going for a ride and, once at his/her destination, the rider can then proceed to remove the chaps in seconds again. This convenient and practical quirk of motorcycle chaps is also shared by motorcycle overpants.

The main purpose of motorcycle chaps is to guard a biker from inclement weather and dirt when riding a motorcycle. Without doubt, leather chaps are excellent add-on motorcycling garments to protect riders against the cold and the rain as well as against splatted bugs and road debris.

While leather chaps cannot rival premium touring pants when it comes to keeping your legs cozy and warm in cold-weather riding, leather chaps will enhance the body-heat retention of any pants that you wear under motorcycle chaps and not just block cold air from making its way into your legs.

Due to the inherently-designed lack of abrasion shielding to the buttocks and groin in motorcycle chaps, the latter cannot be deemed protective motorcycle gear despite what many cruiser folks would otherwise believe motorcycle chaps to be.

Even more so, motorcycle chaps are frequently worn over (non-motorcycling) denim jeans; the latter which offer trivial abrasion protection in any get-off exceeding a measly speed of 30 miles per hour (i.e. 50 kilometers per hour).

To top things off (no pun intended), motorcycle chaps provide no impact protection in the event of a crash, which further downgrades any intrinsic ability for motorcycle chaps to protect riders in any meaningful way when things turn for the worse.

When you factor in how the buttocks and knees are direct impact-prone areas of the body, it only makes sense that motorcycle chaps be strictly relegated to ornamental attire, waterproof/windproof outer liners and/or complementary safety garments when worn over leather motorcycle pants or Kevlar motorcycle jeans.

Last but not least, plenty of inferior leather chaps are being sold left and right to unaware cruiser riders who mistakenly believe that motorcycle chaps are all that their legs need as road-rash protection in an off.

In recent years, half chaps have become increasingly popular among cruiser dudes and dudettes. Half chaps are pretty much as per their name entails: garments that are half the length of motorcycle chaps and which cover the lower legs from the knees down to the foot.

Half chaps also help to attenuate any discomfort experienced from continuous elevated heat being emitted by big-inch V-twin engines in summertime, especially air-cooled engines as found in Harley-Davidson and Indian cruisers.

As it pertains to high-quality leather in motorcycle chaps, premium chaps utilize full-grain leather with a minimum thickness of 1.2 millimeters. Leather can be as thick as 2 millimeters and still remain pliable and comfortable enough for use as motorcycling chaps.

Paradoxically and as a good cue to gauge the quality of motorcycle chaps, the thicker and heavier that the leather chassis is, the superbly comfortable that leather chaps will continue to be regardless of increased thickness. That is to say that high-quality, super-thick leather chaps sporting 2-milimeter cowhide will render the same sublime comfort as thinner high-quality leather chaps.

If made of textile fabric, the best motorcycle chaps utilize nylon or polyester with a minimum denier of 300 since any lower denier will be counteractive to the wind-breaking properties of high-quality motorcycle chaps.

A denier of 450 up to 1000 (and higher) is a commonality of top-quality textile motorcycle chaps as too is the integrating of reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility (this latter feature is limited to textile chaps for the most part as even the very-best leather chaps are exempt of this feature). 041b061a72

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