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Hacking Uconnect 8.4A and 8.4AN | Cummins Diesel Forum

How to Unlock Navigation on Uconnect 8.4 System

If you have a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or Fiat vehicle with a Uconnect 8.4 system, you may be wondering how to unlock the navigation feature on your touchscreen. Navigation is a useful and convenient function that can help you find your way around, avoid traffic, and discover new places. However, not all Uconnect 8.4 systems come with navigation activated by default. In this article, we will show you how to unlock navigation on your Uconnect 8.4 system, how to update your navigation maps, and how to troubleshoot any navigation issues.

navigation code unlock 8.4 uconnect

What is Uconnect 8.4 System and Why You Need Navigation

The Uconnect 8.4 system is an advanced infotainment system that offers a range of features and services for your vehicle. It has an 8.4-inch touchscreen display that lets you control various functions such as radio, media, phone, climate, settings, and more. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi to access your apps, music, contacts, messages, and more.

Features and Benefits of Uconnect 8.4 System

Some of the features and benefits of the Uconnect 8.4 system are:

  • High-resolution display with intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls

  • Voice recognition and steering wheel controls for hands-free operation

  • SiriusXM satellite radio with over 150 channels of music, news, sports, entertainment, and more

  • HD radio with digital sound quality and additional information such as song titles, artists, genres, etc.

  • Uconnect Access with remote services such as vehicle health report, roadside assistance, theft alarm notification, etc.

  • Uconnect App with smartphone integration and remote features such as lock/unlock doors, start/stop engine, horn/lights, etc.

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with seamless integration of your iPhone or Android device

  • MirrorLink with compatibility with select smartphones and apps

  • Wi-Fi hotspot with internet access for up to eight devices

  • Auxiliary input and USB ports for connecting external devices

  • SD card slot for playing media files or transferring navigation updates

Advantages of Having Navigation on Uconnect 8.4 System

Having navigation on your Uconnect 8.4 system can enhance your driving experience and provide you with many advantages such as:

  • Turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance and lane guidance

  • Real-time traffic information with alternative routes and estimated travel time

  • Points of interest (POIs) with categories such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc.

  • 3D maps with landmarks, buildings, terrain, etc.

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