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Matchitecture Taj Mahal Pdf Download

Products Feature1. Thank to the matchitecture technique, it'snow possible to complete projects in which you can takepride2.Starting with a single element, the microbeam, you'll createamazing constructions3. Matchiteture is an easy and excitingtechnique, you simply need to cut and glue microbeamstogether,according to the plans4. Each model is built with wood stickscalled microbeams, which are cut, stuck and joined accordingtodetailed plans and by following the pages order5. Every part ofthe construction is assembled directly on the acetate sheetprovided in the packagedcontents

Matchitecture Taj Mahal Pdf Download

All you need to do is then buy the cross stitch fabric (aida cloth) and threads. Of course, all the colours required will be contained on the PDF document you download together with a colour chart. Using 14ct aida (14 holes per inch), the finished items will measure just under 33cm/13inches square (Santorini) and 27cm/10.5inches x 31cm/12 inches (Venice).

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