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The story of Stanari u slonu pdf 34: A review of the children's book by Dubravko Horvatić

Stanari u slonu: A Picture Book for Independent Reading in Second Grade

Stanari u slonu (Tenants in the Elephant) is a picture book for independent reading in second grade, written by Dubravko HorvatiÄ and illustrated by Ivan Vitez. It was published by Alfa d.d. in 2021[^1^]. The book tells the story of a group of animals who live inside an elephant-shaped house and their adventures with their neighbors and friends.

stanari u slonu pdf 34

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The book consists of 34 pages, each with a colorful illustration and a short text. The language is simple and playful, suitable for young readers who are learning to read on their own. The book also introduces some basic concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, seasons, and emotions. The book has a positive message about friendship, cooperation, diversity, and respect for others.

Stanari u slonu is one of the digitalized books that can be downloaded for free from[^2^], a website that offers a collection of Croatian literature for students and teachers. The website also provides summaries, analyses, quizzes, and other educational resources for each book. Stanari u slonu is a fun and engaging book that can stimulate children's imagination and curiosity while developing their reading skills.

The main characters of Stanari u slonu are: Zeko, a rabbit who loves carrots and jokes; MiÅko, a mouse who is smart and brave; Åirafa, a giraffe who is tall and kind; Medo, a bear who is strong and sleepy; and Slon, the owner of the elephant-shaped house who is generous and friendly. Together, they have fun and help each other in various situations.

Some of the stories in the book are: How Zeko found a magic carrot that granted him three wishes; How MiÅko saved Åirafa from a fire by using his cheese; How Medo learned to share his honey with his friends; How Slon invited all the animals to a party in his house; and How they all celebrated Christmas together.

Stanari u slonu is a book that can appeal to children of different ages and backgrounds. It is also a book that can encourage parents and teachers to read along with their children and discuss the themes and values presented in the book. Stanari u slonu is a book that can make reading a joyful and rewarding experience for everyone.

Stanari u slonu is not only a book, but also a multimedia project that includes an animated series, a website, and a mobile app. The animated series is based on the book and features the same characters and stories. The website offers more information about the book, the author, the illustrator, and the animation studio. The mobile app allows children to interact with the characters and play games related to the book.

The project was created by Dubravko HorvatiÄ, a Croatian writer and journalist who has written several books for children and adults. He was inspired by his own childhood memories of living in a small village and playing with his friends. He wanted to create a book that would reflect the beauty and diversity of Croatia and its culture. He also wanted to create a book that would promote positive values such as friendship, tolerance, solidarity, and creativity.

Ivan Vitez is the illustrator of Stanari u slonu. He is a Croatian artist who has worked on various projects such as comics, graphic novels, posters, and animations. He has a distinctive style that combines realism and fantasy, humor and emotion, simplicity and detail. He used bright colors and expressive lines to create the illustrations for Stanari u slonu. He said that he enjoyed working on the book because it reminded him of his own childhood dreams and fantasies.

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