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Andrew: We have ranged weapons, which will enable you to attack from a distance and then close and use a sword if you want. You can hide behind terrain objects and keep yourself from being hit. There's height advantage, if you can gain and hold the high ground, they'll be hills and stuff in the combat area, so if you can get your guys up there you'll have a significant advantage to attack downwards, it's just a very deep system based a lot on stats with, we're not going to overwhelm the player with a bunch of numbers necessarily, but if they want that kind of thing, they can have a look and say, well, this person should be fast, this person should do this, it really is as much depth practically as you want, you can play from a very straight forward hack 'n' slash point of view, or you can just play from a very real-time strategy point of view as well.

[NOUVEAU] Combat Warriors Script Hack | Tuer ...


The player can basically develop any kind of campaign they want, they're going to go to different locations and they're going to meet different people, and the people they meet can actually become playable characters. They will know whether new characters are alchemists or magic users, or thieves or warriors. Depending on the class of RPG gaming experience that they want, that will dictate which characters they select and also I would like to add to Andy's comment on the combat system, one thing we are very conscious of is the concern that we did not want to complicate the game with a load of stats. One thing we'll generally be doing is if you have a power to a weapon or a stat, we'll be using a lot of visual keys on a weapon that already exists as oppose to just adding a +2 or a +3 on a hidden menu. There're a lot of visual cues so a lot of the actual numbers that usually exist within the game will be transparent to the reader. If you dig into the menus, you can realise the changes that are actually taking place. So you'll be able to figure out what actions on screen correspond with a +2 being added to your attributes. 041b061a72

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